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I'll be the woman you want, if you can pay the price.

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                     P A R K   ღ    H A R A
"But he who dares not grasp the thorn, should never crave the rose."
Annyeonghaseyo, my name is Park Hara. I moved to Seoul a few months ago and I even though I am blessed with a few lovely friends already I'd love for you to become one of them. So please do come by soon!                     read me ღ follow ღ reblog
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*discovers another kpop group*

*first thing first checks maknae’s age*

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Help me remember what I’d rather forget..

Hey there! The name is Park Kyungri, or Katia Park, whatever floats your boat. I’d tell you more about myself but that’s honestly all I know. Maybe someone can help me remember..?

AU - 18+ - Vampire - Lit/Script 
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Hyolijing let’s go to the beach. I’ll even wear your collar for you….


Oooh matching braclets me likey~

But yes, lets!

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/she chuckles and removes her hand/ I still feel a little awkward /she whispers backs to you/ but I guess it wasn’t so bad.

/she cups your face and shakes her head/ Not in the slightest. You’re a beautiful, sexual woman. Revel in yourself.